You can now live the dream of a highly qualified triathlon coach!

ITCA Triathlon Coach Certification

achievement ITCA is giving you a complete turn-key blue print for a successful triathlon coaching career. Become a Certified Triathlon Coach with the ITCA triathlon coach training program is the most comprehensive triathlon coaching course ever developed (science, application and proven business models). ITCA has partnered with POLAR to bring you the most advanced triathlon coaching program in the world. Learn More...

Learn to Coach Triathletes of All Levels & Grow a Thriving Business

As a Certified ITCA Triathlon Coach, you will learn to do the following:

  • Construct programs for all levels of training and racing
  • Identify appropriate pace training zones for swimming
  • Identify heart rate training zones
  • Develop your successful coaching business
  • And much more...

You will have the freedom to coach clients online, in-person, or at camps and clinics. It's up to you!

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Begin your triathlon coaching career, and get on the road to success!